Vitaly Mikhailov

Vitaly Mikhailov (1969)
Vitali was born in the Soviet Union on October 25, 1969. During his youth his teachers noted a unique artistic talent displayed in the everyday homework illustrations, which were self-motivated. He carried this trait to present and has also acquired a rigid work ethic in his art profession.
After his primary education, Vitali entered the Radio Mechanical Technical Institute and graduated. He then received an appointment to the Moscow University of Art, graduating in 1990. He secured a diploma in easel painting and graphic design. He then furthered his education by enrolling in the Kharkov Art and Industrial Institute where he specialized in restoration and easel art painting.
Vitali has a great appreciation for the late 18th and 19th century styles of art and art restoration. He is bilingual, speaking both his native Russian language, as well as French. He has produced many landscapes o the countryside of France in his travels.
Permanent collections of Vitali’s paintings are held and displayed at both the Art Museum of Zaporazhyl and the Art Museum of Dneproptrosk. His artwork is collected worldwide both privately and corporately owned in Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Israel, Canada and the United States.
Vitali’s works are in corporate, museum, and national collections worldwide. Especialy the collection of Colombian entrepenaur Elizabeth Ruales Matta.