Roger Goodspeed

Since his retirement from active medical practice, more time became available to Roger for picking up the paint brush and attending workshops to hone up his skills.

From Roger : I have enjoyed exploring the conversion of sound into vision as Walt Disney attempted in his ‘Fantasia’ productions. I listen to a piece of music and convert the pictures the music produces in my mind to a 2 dimensional painting. Difficult, but sometimes rewarding. I believe an artist should hope to renew the joy and curiosity felt by small children, which we seem to lose as adults. Whether the vision comes through the eye or from deep within the mind, it is a precious blessing to be savored

Roger has always been fascinated by the relationship between musical sounds and light. Even as a child, when he would shut his eyes and listen to music, he would visualize colors and dancing shapes…bass notes are large shapes and dark cool colors, treble notes are smaller, sharp & jagged and bright warm colors…