Nicole Suzanne Stahl

The works of accomplished artist, Nicole Suzanne Stahl, represent a deep appreciation for life, and a passionate curiosity about the intricacies of living creation. Through her work, Nicole strives to inspire and enlighten herself and others, in awe of the unsurpassed handiwork of the highly detailed Designer and Creator of all things.

Nicole’s artistic career began in childhood. As a girl, she loved to spend time experimenting with watercolor painting as well as pencil and chalk drawings. In 1989, Nicole earned her associate degree in applied arts and science. She started the Fox Den Studio, a home based studio from which she freelanced in graphic design, specializing in the creation of business logos and business materials. Her clientele grew to the point where her graphic work demanded a full time effort.

However, feeling that she was missing something, Nicole began to paint murals for hospitals, private residences, and shopping malls. Today, Nicole specializes exclusively in large-scale canvas work, and has truly found her calling.