Bernhardt – The Water Microcosm Exhibit

On September 4th (Sunday) come meet national artist Justin Bernhardt at the Art in the Park Fair (Krape Park) to open his art exhibit at Freeport, IL (The Water Macrocosm Exhibit). Opening display starts at 10AM from the De Luna Fine Art Gallery booth. Bernhardt’s incredible artworks will be on display in the gallery (2 W Main St, corner of Main and Chicago Ave) through October 8th and will be open to the public.
Justin Bernhardt has been creating art since he was a young child, growing up next door to artists on either side of his home in Kalamazoo Michigan.
Since 2009, he has been working on a water microcosm series, among other projects. In this painted series, he uses the inherent qualities of water, intensifying the energy, movement, and color as a metaphor for the human experience and an exploration of ecological interconnectedness. Bernhardt’s work has been purchased for public and private collections throughout the world and exhibited in various nationwide galleries and institutes.
Currently, Bernhardt creates from his studio and home on a wetland protected lake in Southwest Michigan