Addressing the Burnout, Loneliness, and Indifference Associated with Remote Work SPONSOR CONTENT FROM JLL

Several industries had embraced remote working long before the 2020 pandemic. However, since the Covid-19 outbreak, flexible working arrangements have become even more popular. Mindfulness, meditation, and yoga are perfect to connect mind and body as well as improve emotional and physical wellness. Learn all about the people behind Ergonomic Trends, why we started the site, and our promise to you, the reader. Remote workers report a higher happiness index score compared to those that work from the office . 59% of people working from home are taking less time off to decompress than before.

remote work burnout

76% of surveyed workers say that remote work has harmed their mental health, and working remotely full-time has been shown to increase people’s levels of loneliness by 67 percentage points. Many remote workers say they miss being able to get a change of scenery and interact with their coworkers every day, which takes a toll on mental health and adds to burnout.

Why employers should care about work from home burnout

Break the cycle by leaving weekends for “you time,” if that fits within the demands of your career and job requirements. When you work from home, the physical and mental separation between work and life, and life and work, can get really blurred. Aside from the heap of recipes that are free for you to use, remote work fatigue scheduling the cooking time is what can make your work breaks productive and positive. If you want to prevent burnout, I wouldn’t say cooking is going to completely reverse you, but it definitely will help. Today I went up to our rooftop here in Brooklyn and sat with my eyes closed for only two minutes.

  • Your skills will be valued elsewhere if you can’t resolve the stress creating burnout in your current position.
  • If that sounds like depression, that’s because the two are not far off, according to researchers.
  • Most people don’t realize that getting enough sleep can help you have an excellent day and feel more productive.
  • If these happy vibes don’t light your professional flame like they used to, maybe it’s time to look for a remote job that’s better for you.
  • The ActivTrak approach to targeting burnout uses workforce analytics to discover, understand, and prevent burnout as efficiently as possible.

This can help you ensure employees have enough personal time to focus on wellness and create a healthy work-life balance. Burnout is an occupational phenomenon that comes from improperly managed chronic workplace stress. While burnout isn’t classified as a medical condition, it does influence the physical and mental health of employees. Burned-out employees will feel disengaged and unfulfilled in their roles, and they will lose productivity and passion as a result. Set clear company policies that respect remote workers’ personal time. Management need to take charge in setting clearer guidelines on when employees are expected to work. Discourage managers and supervisors from communicating with employees during off hours.

How to Recognize, Mitigate and Potentially Prevent Burnout in Remote Employees

If you’re one such remote employee, that means you have to drag yourself to work and force yourself to work in a struggle. This ultimately leads to remote work burnout, so change your current environment. Not every remote employee will have access to a quiet space at home, or have a good home-office setup that motivates them to get started on work every day. So remote employees should try to cook up the courage to deny it when your manager is trying to assign more work when you clearly don’t have the bandwidth to get them done.

  • Project Tracking Track time and monitor multiple projects with dashboards.
  • This can only be done if the organisational culture encourages psychological health.
  • Anyone can experience burnout; from perfectionists struggling to get everything right to people who connect their identity with their jobs.
  • Take care of yourself and your co-workers by setting the right tone.
  • Stamp out work-from-home burnout before you get there by making sure you take breaks.
  • Without the personal interactions on the office floor, it is more difficult for co-workers to notice subtle shifts in your behavior and address them with you.

You can feel more active and release the stress you might be feeling due to work. If you add unnecessary pressure on yourself while working from home, it will eventually backfire.